Our top quality, US-made interior kits are ready to install and include everything necessary to reupholster your vehicle. If required, kits will include: * headliner * interior panels * padded and stitched seat covers * cotton padding * felt * hog rings * windlace * bow drill * tacks / fasteners / clips / screws / washers * complete instructions We recommend viewing a sample card before placing an antique auto upholstery order for your vintage Model A Ford. Provided to you free of charge, our sample cards are identified by number or letter and present you with actual swatches that feature material, pattern, and color choices for your specific classic Ford. Please order Sample-A3. THESE KITS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 4-8 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Bow measurements will be needed before the kit can be ordered. The measurement sheet will come with Sample-A3. Please have this ready when placing your order.

Model A Cabriolet Interior Upholstery Kits